Revamped entire product portfolio to bring packaging under one umbrella for stronger brand blocking on shelf. 

In the first year, 6pack can sales grew overall, plus Maximus IPA growth up by 50% and Hoppy Refresher volume doubling in first year of rollout. Whoa.

With increasingly crowded shelves (many with increasingly busy designs), we developed a strong, consistent framework to stand out from the competition. 

A big part of this was giving the dog a consistent role in packaging: in short “dog is your copilot” throughout the Lagunitasphere. Helping tell the story of each beer you experience. 

Read any good beers lately?

With 14 years of experience writing for Lagunitas I was the primary voice on everything from coasters to labels and website to radio.  

On this packaging redesign I defined all the stories from the visual concept direction to writing all the copy … the stories on the side, the flavor descriptors, the accompanying sales materials, and even the tiny easter eggs hidden on the labels that surprise and reward the curious.

Ya know when the breeze is just right, that band playing way across the cove sounds like they’re right next-door? Same goes for these citrus flavors tasting like freshly-squeezed pineapples, mango, and passion fruit—only they’re all notes carried just by hops. Juicy & light, not bitter. These beats just hit different.

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your dog ears. Your insatiable quest for hops has led you here to our Colossal take on a Double IPA. With a towering dry-hop bill full of hop aromas to the max, all balanced against tons of rich malted barley, you are facing the titan. Are you not entertained? Life is uncertain, don’t sip.

You are holding the gold standard of our hop-forward approach to brewing. Our flagship IPA. Dreamed in California 30-odd years ago amongst the redwoods, rugged coastline, and rolling hills of Sonoma County. Now brewed from Petaluma to Chicago and beyond. Yet, somehow, this particular can found its way into your reality at this very moment. Whoa. Life is uncertain, don’t sip!

Partly sunny or partly cloudy? Half empty or halfway to another? Best to just go with the flow. At only 4.0% ABV, and just 98 calories and 3 carbs, this kinda frees up a lotta space in the ol’ schedule for bigger fish to fry. Head out for a hike or just chill and watch the grass grow … You’ve got plenty of DayTime.

This’ll float your boat any time of day. Zero alc, zero cals, zero carbs … with a big wave of flavor that’s crisp, zingy, and hoppily refreshing. What’s in a name? Nothing and everything. Dive in.

What fresh freak of nature is this?! Hazy flavors without the haze? West Coast hopping without mega bitterness? Quite the contrary kaiju towering before you. Double dry-hopped with a fruity blast of Citra & Mosaic, yet finishes super smooth. This beast is truly the best of both worlds … Release the hound!