Lagunitas Packaging

Revamped entire product portfolio to bring packaging under one umbrella for stronger brand blocking on shelf.  In the first year, 6pack can sales grew overall, plus Maximus IPA growth up by 50% and Hoppy Refresher volume doubling in first year of rollout. Whoa. With increasingly crowded shelves (many with increasingly busy designs), we developed a […]

2020 Sucks

KEY INSIGHT: 2020 SUCKED To capture the zeitgeist of a horrible year, I pitched the idea of bringing back the cult fave “Sucks” Ale out of retirement. And marketing it as commentary on the year we all were in the dumps. SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT: PIN TRADE In a time where there was minimal human contact, […]

Hi-Fi Hops Launch

How do you introduce an entirely new liquid? And make it the #1 selling cannabis beverage in California? Lagunitas’ love affair with cannabis is as long and tangled as its relationship with beer & music. And since combining hops and cannabis—in a zero-calorie beverage—was as revelatory as going from mono to stereo, I named it […]

Beast Of Both Worlds

The mad scientist brewers at Lagunitas dreamed up a brand new style of IPA: a hybrid of New England hazy and clear West Coast IPAs. I named it The Beast of Both Worlds and developed a modern kaiju visual concept to bring this Bi-Coastal story to life. Leveling up the Lagunitas dog with a big […]