"Think there's nothing new under the sun? You're not looking high enough."

How do you introduce an entirely new liquid? And make it the #1 selling cannabis beverage in California?

Lagunitas’ love affair with cannabis is as long and tangled as its relationship with beer & music.

And since combining hops and cannabis—in a zero-calorie beverage—was as revelatory as going from mono to stereo, I named it Hi-Fi Hops. And yes, the ‘high’ inference was purely a bonus track.

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I wanted to treat this like we were really releasing an entirely new liquid. To feel like something out of a surreal music video. Only more ‘elevated’.

We launched with teasers showing a floating, alien-like sparkling liquid; vaguely shaped like the Lagunitas “splotch” on the label. Then dove into more of the music side of the brand.

For POP sales promo posters we presented the product like new album releases.

Promo Item & Social Content: Zoetrope Turntable Slipmats

I enlisted the talented Drew Tetz to create a set of turntable slipmats that “animate” on your iPhone (thanks to the wonders of framerates! whoa).



When we ‘released’ this liquid in Colorado, we made our surreal introduction by floating through some notable locales.